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Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez will soon be seen recreating the magic of iconic actress Madhuri Dixit with ‘Ek Do Teen’ song remake.

Expressing her euphoric feeling on being cast for the dance number originally sung by playback singer Alka Yagnik, she said as an actress it was an honor for her.

“I know a lot of actresses, all of my friends, are like, ah, we are so jealous, we are so jealous. You are doing ‘Ek Do Teen’. It’s so iconic and for any girl it would be a dream song to do. I feel very very blessed that I am given this opportunity,” she said.

Will she be able to do justice with the legacy of Madhuri Dixit in this song or not, is the question.

In the original song you can see Madhuri taking quick dance steps fused with rhythmic music and prompt expressions matching the lyrics.

Fernandez said hands down, she could not match the aura of Hum Apkey Hein Kon heroine.

“I know that I will never ever be matched up to Madhuri Dixit. That’s not even something that I am going to attempt because you cannot replicate someone like Madhuri Dixit. There’s only one Madhuri Dixit. This (song) is just my tribute to her.”

Jacky, as she is lovingly known as, was shooting for the song at YRF Studio in Mumbai. Giving detailed account of how much pain it took while recording the song, she said her only focus throughout the past week was that song.

“First of all, I watched a lot of Madhuri ma’am’s music videos, all of her dancing, her expressions. I did it about for a good month. I was just continuously on Youtube watching her. I have always been her fan but when I really went deep into her work, my respect for her multiplied by even more.

“Then, for five days we were rigorously rehearsing day in and day out. And, one specific day master jee, for six hours, corrected every single step, every single expression. He made me do it 50 times. Watch her then do it, then again watch and do it. It’s a lot of work. We have worked extremely hard,” she said.

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