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Sindh CM presents Rs1217bn budget for FY 2019-20

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Friday presented a Rs1,217 billion budget for the Fiscal year 2019-20, ARY News reported.

CM Murad said that People of Sindh have generously reposed their trust in policies of the Sindh government due to the the selfless devotion of our leaders, their teachings and their love for the people of this country”.

The CM, while announcing the budgetary allocations, said that the expenditure budget is estimated at Rs.870.217 billion which shows an increase of 12.5pc over the current year allocation of Rs.773.237 billion.

“The 12pc increase in expenditure is primarily in the employee related expenses which could not have been avoided“Our austerity policy shall continue during the next financial year. We have introduced major cuts in operating expenses,” said the CM.

He said that the provincial revenue targets have been revised from Rs.243.082 billion to Rs.240.746 billion. As a result, against an estimated budgetary amount of Rs.1.123 trillion, the revised receipts for Current Financial Year stand at Rs.940.777 billion.





The chief minister announced that the allocation for school education has been increased in non-development budget from Rs.170.832 in year 2018-19 billion to Rs.178.618 billion in next financial year 2019-20. Whereas, on development side, Rs.15.15 billion are allocated in ADP 2019-20.

The major initiatives incorporated for next year are:

Construction of ‘06’ Room Building for 20 shelter-less primary Schools

Rehabilitation of 113 Dangerous Primary Schools having high enrolment (with additional class rooms and Provision of missing facilities)

Establishment of 35 model school complexes by converting existing high schools along with their feeder primary schools into better learning centers

From the “High Priority 4,560 schools” 42 schemes both primary and secondary having 1,772 schools would be completed in 2019-20

17 new degree colleges are planned to be established in districts of Karachi (Korangi, Malir, West), Hyderabad, Umerkot, Sukkur, Jamshoro, Shikarpur, Jacobabad and in Sanghar.

Construction / rehabilitation and provision of furniture is planned for existing colleges in different districts through different schemes.

Provision of missing facilities for Gadap and PanoAkil Cadet Colleges has been proposed in 2019-20.

Establishment of Center of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain – at Sukkur IBA University.

Establishment of Thar Institute of Technology, NED Campus of Tharparkar.

Establishment of Sindh University Campus at Badin; and Mirpurkhas. 


Sindh CM announced that for FY year 2018-19, Rs.13.5 billion has been allocated for 170 schemes while 12 schemes are likely to be completed by June 2019, which will improve access to quality healthcare services.

A 50 bedded Medical & Surgical ICU; Casualty & OPD Departments have been established at the Liaquat University Hospital and Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Hospital, Sukkur.  

“Strengthening of Monitoring & Surveillance of Health Systems”, has been launched with the assistance of USAID and a Health Management Information System (HMIS) has been developed for better governance.

Several multi-disciplinary services, like pediatric cardiology, have been added to SIUT 

 TB Control Program established 350TB DOTS Clinics; installed 110 machines for rapid diagnosis of TB and drug resistance within two hours, in public sector facilities.

Procurement of Machinery /Equipment for different departments at the CMC Hospital Larkana at an estimated cost of Rs.600 million.

Community Mental Health Services Program in Sindh with an estimated cost of Rs.275.00 million to improve the mental health services.

Maternal and Child Health Care Center at Jamshoro with grant assistance of JICA.

A 200- bedded Hospital has been planned for Sukkur either through PPP framework or through development financing.




Law and Order

Rs.109.788 billion in the next financial year 2019-20 have been set aside for law and order, said the CM.

A large number of schemes are proposed, particularly in the following areas for the financial year 2019-20:

Revamping of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and creating a professional & dedicated force styled as Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF).

Sindh Police will establish an additional 259 reporting rooms under an ADP scheme in the next financial year2019-20 to streamline the processes and have easy access to the public.

In order to fill in the gaps of actual requirement of a police force, we plan to create 3000 new Posts in different grades in budget 2019-20.

Water supply and Solid waste management

The Sindh government has allocated Rs.35.90 billion for water supply and solid waste management.

PHED has included 13 schemes costing Rs.22.95 billion with an allocation of Rs.6.25 billion in ADP 2019-20 relating to containing contamination of freshwater bodies.

This includes “Elimination of Urban Sewerage Discharging in Irrigation Canals and Lakes” in Sindh
Costing Rs.3.57 billion (Phase II).

Rehabilitation of non- functional water supply and drainage schemes in Sindh Phase- II Costing Rs.4.01

Women development, minorities & empowerment of disabled persons

Sindh CM said that considering it as a social responsibility, the government has taken extra measures for the welfare of women, minorities in order to soothe their pains and sufferings.

Survey and Data collection of Persons including Children with Disabilities in the Province is underway which will be completed by June, 2019.

Special Education & Rehabilitation Complex at Gulistan-e Jauhar is also under process of procurement will be completed by June, 2019.

Stipend to all the enrolled Special Children has been granted @ Rs.2000/- per child per month. 

Books are being transcribed to Braille System.

Promoting the extra- curricular activities amongst the special children. 

Training program in different courses i.e. sign & Advance Sign Language, Braille Language, Montessori Teaching Method is underway at the Special Education Teachers Academy Sindh (SETAS), at Hyderabad, Department of empowerment of Person with Disabilities.


The provincial government has allocated Rs.24.920 billion in next financial year 2019-20 for Energy sector.

570 villages are planned to be provided electricity by June 2020.  

248 Primary Health facilities to be given electricity through Solar PV technology.  

Sindh Solar Energy project with World Bank support is to provide 420 MW on-grid and rooftop solar installations. 200,000 households in rural areas would be provided solar home systems.


In the context of Karachi; the Sindh CM said that provincial government has unfolded a very robust implementation on the ground, which is being augmented and speeded-up every year.

Work on Treatment Plant at Haroonabad (TP-I) having a capacity of 100 MGD is planned to be completed by December 2019 enhancing the treatment capacity up to 177 MGD.

In addition, out of 33.32 Kms of conduit /trunk sewers of Lyari basin, 28 Kms would be completed by July 2019.

Similarly, work on the Malir trunk sewers and treatment plant at Korangi (TP-IV) having capacity of 180 MGD would start during 2019-20.

Implementation with 33% of financing by Federal another mega project; the K-IV with cost of Rs.25.55 billion is under implementation. Its 50% financed by Federal Government and it has provided Rs.6.99 billion. Govt. of Sindh has released Rs.7.96 billion and utilized this. The project is presently under review by NESPAK for its design and cost.

The Combined Effluent Treatment Plant costing Rs.11.8 billion is under Govt. By June, 2019, Rs.582.4 million was incurred on this project. The Federal Government has allocated Rs.500.0 million and the Government of Sindh has allocated Rs.2.0 billion for FY 2019-20.

Government of Sindh under the Mega Projects for Karachi City has invested Rs.29.0 billion during last three years (2016-17 to 2018-19) which has helped in completing 19 major projects of Karachi city.

Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project; a US$98 million project aims to enhance public spaces in targeted neighborhoods; improve urban roads infrastructure and improve Ease of Doing Business. The project is already under execution.

KWSSIP is a US$ 105 million World Bank Assisted project, which focuses on long term strengthening of the KW&SB through multiple reforms.

BRT Yellow Line; US$ 438 million projects is yet another mega transport intervention for the city.  

BRT RED Line: US$ 561 million (ADB funded) has been approved and would soon be put into execution as one of the main transport corridors in the city.

Relief Measures:

The Sindh government has announced an increase in the salaries of government employees.

For the next financial year, the chief minister announced an increase of 15 percent in pay as Adhoc Relief Allowance for all the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-122. The pensioners will also be entitled to get 15 raise in their pensions.

Minimum Wage: The chief minister also announced an Rs17000 minimum wage.

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