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Sanam Baloch does Sheikh Rasheed on Tik Tok

Actress Sanam Baloch was making her presence felt on Tik Tok from the day she debuted on what is now being considered the most popular social media app of the year.

The ‘Teri Raza’ actress known for her innocent looks and ethereal beauty who chose to set an entirely different tone on her Tik Tok as she opted for comic videos rather than lip-syncing on songs has made yet another hilarious video.

This one is trending on the app as the actress can be seen lip-syncing an Urdu couplet recited by popular politician and current Railways minister Sheikh Rasheed during a recent interview.

Known for his love for poetry and arts, Sheikh Rasheed had recited this Agha Hashar Kashmiri couplet during an interview.

Ghair Ki Baaton Ka Akhir Aitebaar Aa Hi Gaya

Meri Jaanib Se Tere Dil Me Ghubar Aa Hi Gaya

Jaanta Tha Bewafa Khaa Raha Hai Jhooti Qasam

Saadgi Dekh Kar Phr Bhi Aitebaar Aa Hi Gaya

Here is how Sanam Baloch did it!

Sheikh Rasheed and Sanam both might have done justice to the ghazal’s couplets, here is how the ghazal goes..

Aey Sitamagar Tu Nahi Aaya to Kya hum Mar Gaye

Chand Din Tarpey Magar Aakhir Qarar Aa Hi Gaya

Poochny Waalo’n se Go Maine Chupaya Dil ka Haal

Phir Bhi Tera Naam Lab Per Eik baar Aa Hi Gaya

Ji Main Tha Aey Hashar Us Se Ab Na Bolengey Kabhi

Bewafa Jab Samnay Aaya To Pyar Aa Hi Gaya…………

This is not all, if you visit her official Tik Tok account, you will see some comic gems too.

Here are some!

شاید آپ یہ بھی پسند کریں