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Salman Khan says he ‘found a girl’

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s heartthrob Salman Khan today tweeted an ‘announcement’ that he found a girl triggering rumour mills into their job.

Salman’s fans flooded his Twitter handle with lots of congratulatory messages as they got presumed the announcement was some way linked to his marriage.

salman khan found a girl

But Khan had a hilarious surprise to unveil moments later.

salman khan found girl

Scroll down to see the girl Salman ‘found’

In an interview to IANS, Salman had said, “”That’s my thing. When I want to get married, I will get married. I don’t need to tell you when I am getting married. When I am getting married, I will tweet about it. That is something I will keep it to me and my fans.”

The suspense was followed by his another tweet mentioning that the leading lady for Aayush Sharma’s film Loveratri has been found.

Here it is


Salman Khan found girl


Salman Khan found girl

شاید آپ یہ بھی پسند کریں