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Nawaz Sharif says will develop Karachi, if voted in power

KARACHI: Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said people have begun to realize the significance of mandate and sanctity of vote.

Addressing a gathering of party workers here at a local hotel, the former premier said his government had freed the country from the shackles of terrorism and power blackouts.

He asked his workers if they noticed any change in the present Karachi and that of 2013.

In 2013, Sharif said, terrorism ruled supreme in every nook and cranny of the port city, where people were scared of speaking over mobile phones out of fear of snatching.

He told the participants that the service he has done to the country was visible in the entire country. His government laid out a network of motorways, and brought CPEC project in the country, he added.

Like Lahore, Karachi too was dear to him, but unfortunately the former done better than the latter, he claimed.

Former premier said poverty and unemployed had reached to an extreme level, whereas education system has deteriorated in the province.

He urged the people of Sindh to examine the condition of the province and metropolis, before casting their votes in the next general elections. “You will be blamed if you still voted for them,” he said addressing the crowd.

In Peshawar, the PML-N president said, the party of cricketer-turned politician was in power in the KP, but his government was constructing motorways in the province.

Pakistan has made an exemplary progress in the previous four years, yet he was dislodged from office.

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