Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Here’s all you need to know about mangoes being king of fruits


The process of mangoes from being plucked in their harvest season to being branded on the pushcarts and marts enticing your appetite involves a slew of steps and an abundance of labor which together make this product not only the best amongst all the fruits but also play a key role in the national economy due to a number of jobs and scale of revenue it generates.

In this video, ARY Stories explores how the mango farmers guarantee the best of their harvests make it to the market all the while as they narrate their steps starting from sowing the seeds to packing the plucked mangoes into wooden boxes that are transported both locally and internationally.

Shot in the swathes of Tando Allah Yar’s mango farm, the live scenes make for an explainer of how this industry operates before these palatable and succulent mangoes end up in your belly.

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