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‘Time for nation to stop glorifying money launderers’

ISLAMABAD: In his latest tweet on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked nation to “stop glorifying money launderers.”

Following his yesterday’s crucial announcement to establish a high-powered commission to find out facts behind soaring of loans to Rs24,000 billion in last 10 years, the prime minister wrote on Twitter today that it is time for the nation to stop glorifying money launderers, who damaged the nation and impoverished the people, and are now seeking refuge behind “democracy”.

“No protocol shd [should] be extended to them. Where are plunderers of public wealth given such special treatment? Time to treat them as criminals,” PM Khan said while referring to corrupt politicians.

A day earlier, PM Imran Khan, while commencing his address to the nation after the government announced Budget 2019-20, said, “Pakistanis! Our government has presented its first-ever budget. This is the budget which will reflect ideology of New Pakistan.”

He warned: “No one will be able to continue corruption in the country in future. The country is now stabilised and I will go after them now.”


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