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Gold price jumped by Rs2200 per tola

KARACHI: Gold prices reached an all-time high of Rs2200 per tola on Friday, according to all Sindh Saraf and Jewelers Association, ARY News reported. 

The gold prices across the country reached 75,350 per tola, which is an all-time high in the country’s history.

The price of 10-gram gold also witnessed an increase of Rs1850 and was traded at Rs 64,600.

On the other hand, the US dollar continued to soar against the Pakistani rupee on Friday, reaching an all-time high.

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As per details, the worth of the greenback increased by Rs3.10 in the interbank market to reach Rs156.

On Thursday, the Pakistani rupee slid down by Rs0.54 against the greenback. The US dollar was being traded at Rs152.10 in the interbank market yesterday.

In the month of May, the rupee consistently slid down when it reached the highest level of Rs153 against the greenback on May 21.

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