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New children’s book ‘Edhi Baba’ keeps his legacy alive

It is important to keep the legacy of our superheroes alive and tell our future generations about them. This is exactly what multimedia artist Maria Riaz Tauseef aims to do with her newly released book on the late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The children’s book titled Edhi Baba aims to spread his message of kindness and help gather donations for Edhi Foundation. It costs Rs.500 and is being sold online by the author.

Tauseef, a teacher of art and design has always been interested in illustrations. When she was on a job break, she decided to publish a book on Edhi as he really inspired her. “I always wanted to combine my art with a good cause and work as a socially responsible human being,” she told ARY News.

She made the first sketch of Edhi manually. Speaking about how she went about this venture, she said “I started working on the imagery first. Edhi Sahab’s love for kids, his kind gestures and simplicity needed to be captured visually. Over time I developed the visuals and eventually the text which took time and a lot of editing.”

The digital artist, who has worked with design houses and animation studios, has received an overwhelming response for her book. She initially printed 100 copies, 20 of which were given to the Edhi Foundation and the rest were booked within two days.

The social entrepreneur said that “The new lot of 500 copies is in the printing process. I am thinking of stocking the books at stores in Pakistan and in other countries.”

Photo: Maria Raza/Instagram

Tauseef plans to donate half the profit to Edhi Foundation, conduct storybook sessions in schools so that the future generation gets to know about Edhi’s dynamic and humble personality. She said “I  want this book to be in the hands of everyone who love Edhi Sahab and want to teach their kids values of humanity.”

The author aims to highlight other superheroes as well but she wants to produce a series of books on the late humanitarian first as his work cannot be summed up in one book.

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