Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lahore barber uses hammer, butcher’s knife, fire for hair styling


In what appears to be a crazy act, a barber in Lahore is using untraditional methods for a haircut using a hammer, butcher’s knife (cleaver) and fire to make hairstyles.

Ali Abbas, who runs a barbershop in Lahore, said that he tries new methods to cut hairs with each passing day. “I did an experiment by cutting hairs using a cleaver and hammer,” he said adding that it was a new thing for him and he trained for it for one year and later succeeded in acquiring the skill.

Further sharing, the hairdresser said that he had adopted a unique way of giving layers to hair by using glass pieces. “We normally use scissors to give layers in the hair to make them fine and look good on the person,” he said.

The barber said that he carries out his work with heart and Allah Almighty paves way for his success.

Not only men, but women are also regular customers of Ali Abbas, who could be seen in the video cutting hairs with a butcher’s knife (cleaver).

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One of the female costumer when asked regarding her experience at the barbershop said that initially, she was scared during the styling process, however, as things went on smoothly, she was now satisfied with the process. “I am satisfied with the haircut and will visit him next time also Insha’Allah,” she said.

Ali Abbas said that after using fire and cleaver, he would be introducing more unique ways of haircut in the future.

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